[Real 2PM] Updates

sorry i was vaccum for a long time. i was a bit busy so i hadn’t open my blog. and now i’ll update real 2pm and another vid from 2PM’s youtube (i know it’s too late -o-). enjoy πŸ™‚

[Video Clip] Christmas Greetings

[Real 2PM] Mr. Pizza CF making film 



[Real 2PM] Korea Tourist Service publicity video making film

JYP Marketing contest exhibition


[Real 2PM] NEPA CF making film part2 


[Real 2PM] NEPA CF making film


[Real 2PM] EVISU CF Making Film



I think that’s enough. see ya πŸ™‚


cr: 2PM@Youtube 

6 Lastest Real 2PM

I think from now i’ll post new vid that posted by Real 2PM. And for beginning, i wanna post 6 lastest real 2PM πŸ˜€
[Real 2PM] Jun Su’s unrevealed scenes from Immortal Masterpiece
[Real 2PM] Signing Event for Hottest
[Real 2PM] Hands Up M/V making video in Singapore part 2
[Real 2PM] The first broadcast episode
[Real 2PM] Hands Up M/V making video in Singapore
[Real 2PM] M/V making video(Woo Young’s Birthday)
That’s all guys. Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚
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