[Trans] VOGUE (Japan), Aug Issue

Jap-Kor: 고기|Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways| Scans : Yooko_11
First of, what’s your evaluation of the members?

About Wooyoung
He’s usually very funny, but he thinks deeply and sincerely about everything (Junho).
He’s a person who loves dancing very much with an extremely interesting personality. (Junsu)

About Nichkhun
A grown up. He takes any kind of thing professionally. He’s also very friendly and sweet (Junho).
He might look very cute on TV, but in reality his words and attitude are full of tough charm. Even when he hits you jokingly, it comes strong. (Junsu)

About Junho
Very ambitious which is outstanding. Simply speaking – a great man (Chansung).
He’s not scared of anything. That’s the great part of Junho. (Nichkhun)
Manly and has a strong sense of responsibility (Taecyeon).

About Junsu
Charming with this saturi and the ability to express himself. (Taecyeon)
Emotionally deep. The best at drinking, and with an outstanding composing ability. (Chansung)

About Taecyeon

Since he has a personality, which is hardly affected by stress, he’s a person, who does not need to worry much. *laughs* (Nichkhun)
He’s a real beast on stage, but in reality, he’s very cute and playful. Happy-go-lucky. (Junsu)
He’s a person who gives his best to the job he has to do. (Wooyoung)
(in Japanese) Tall person with a handsome face. (Junho)

About Chansung
Toughtful and sincere (Junho)
He looks great when he passionately immerses himself into singing lessons, or any other activity. (Nichkhun)
Rich in emotions (Wooyoung)
Cute and adorable person (Junsu)

Q. 1) What is your character among the group?

Wooyoung: The mischievous guy from Busan.
Nichkhun The grandpa who nags a lot.
Junho The rascal.
Junsu The person from Daegu who takes care of the music.
Taecyeon A hibernating bear.
Chansung Maknae.

Q. 2) The part of your body you are confident about the most?
Wooyoung: Thighs. (T/N: yes, but please eat more or they’ll disappear -_-)
Nichkhun Forearms.
Junho Butt.
Junsu Fingernails.
Taecyeon Ears.
Chansung Forearms.

Q. 3) If you had all the time in the world, what would you like to do?
Wooyoung: Travel to an infinitely beautiful seashore.
Nichkhun Go on a trip.
Junho Indulge myself.
Junsu Travel around the world.
Taecyeon Travel around the world.
Chansung Travel. Sing. Dance. Sleep.

Q. 4) What was the sweetest moment up till now for you?
Wooyoung: When I won in a dance battle.
Junho When I walk up the stage.
Junsu  When a song I composed and sang got released.
Taecyeon When we received a daesang.
Chansung Hmm… Rather than the “best of the best” kind of thing, I think I feel excited and pleased all the time.

Q. 5) The integral part of your future partner?
Wooyoung: Filial behaviour
Nichkhun Sincerity + honesty
Junho Unconditional love and not being too interrogative.
Junsu  Faith and judgment.
Taecyeon Someone wise.
Chansung It’s ok as long as we are able to understand each other’s personalities.

Q. 6) What would you like your girlfriend to wear?
Wooyoung: A pretty skirt.
Nichkhun Something that would represent purity.
Junho I would leave it to her, as long as she wears something that suits her.
Junsu Skinny jeans matched with a sensibly fitting top ♥
Taecyeon Free style fashion.
Chansung I don’t have I would wish for.

Q. 7) What would you like to have the most now?
Wooyoung: Water^^
Nichkhun Vacation.
Junho Nothing.
Junsu Travel!
Taecyeon A car.
Chansung Time!

Q. 8) Where you would like to live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Wooyoung: San Francisco.
Nichkhun Next to the person I love.
Junho Hawaii.
Junsu Hawaii or the Malibu in the LA.
Taecyeon The South Pole!
Chansung Korea.

Q. 9) If you were a woman, whom would you like to marry among the members?

Wooyoung: Nichkhun, because he’s nice and has good manners.
Nichkhun X.
Junho X. I would never!
Junsu Junsu! When you look at it, he’s a really good person. Haha.
Taecyeon None.

Q. 10) You are called the beastly idols, so what animal would you compare yourself to, and why?
Wooyoung A fish, because it looks like it’s always dancing.
Nichkhun A lion, because it concentrates well whenever it does something.
Junho Cat, cheetah, because their movements are quick and sharp.
Junsu Panda. Because it has drooping eyes…
Taecyeon A cat.
Chansung A bear…? “Bear” was my nickname for a short while.

Q. 11) You are called the beastly idols, so are you more up-front or reserved when you are dealing with women?
Wooyoung It differs with every new situation^^
Nichkhun I don’t know yet…
Junho It really differs according to the situation (laughs)
Junsu I guess I’m more reserved. But once we get to know each other better, I become very active!
Taecyeon Both. It depends on the situation.
Chansung I’m more straightforward.

Q. 12) What would be a background song for your confession?
Wooyoung Eco – The happy me (행복한 나를)
Nichkhun Robin Thicke – Mona Lisa
Junho Musiq – LOVE
Junsu D’Angelo – Feel Like Makin’ Love
Taecyeon Lee Sora – Propose
Chansung A song I like.

Q. 13) Where would like to have a date?
Wooyoung I would like to walk around Paris in France, just the two of us!
Nichkhun Picnic on the beach.
Junho As long as it’s a place with just the two of us, it’s ok.
Junsu I want to go to the Switzerland, sit down on the grass and have a cup of coffee together. Huhuhuhu~
Taecyeon A hot date in a quiet place.
Chansung I want to have a talk sitting down on a beach.

Q. 14) You live together so is there anyone who has troublesome habits? What are they?
Wooyoung None!
Nichkhun No one can wake up to the sound alarm in the morning.
Junho X
Taecyeon Junsu is always tardy. (laughs)
Chansung I think there’s none!

Q. 15) What’s your motto?
Wooyoung Everything is possible if you try enough. So if something doesn’t work out, you’re not trying enough.
Nichkhun Work hard, play hard.
Junho The truth eventually comes out.
Junsu Stay positive forever.
Taecyeon Stay friendly and live nicely.
Chansung With every gain there’s a loss.

source: 2pmalways