[PERF] 2PM comeback at Music Bank

Today is 2PM comeback and our Prince Thai Nickhun birthday šŸ˜€ are you excited hottest?>.<
 because im hottest too, i’m very excited! and today i saw 2pm comeback stage live!woohooo(im in Indonesia n dont have tv cable. so, i feel so lucky can saw them via live streaming)
and now, i wanna share 2PM comeback stage at Music Bank. They’re very cool~ ģ§„ģ§œ~

I will post it in order (in Music Bank) and I post it HD šŸ˜€

2PM backstage (anyone know what r they talk about?i can’t korean well~.~)

First song, Like A Movie. I like this song a lot. I like the story. I hope they make the mv. or maybe short drama like Rain-Love Story?

And the last song, HANDS UP!!!!!

What do you think guys? cool right?
2PM ģ‚¬ėž‘ķ•“ģš”~

And JYPark write about 2PM songs in his me2day

maybe JYPark want us not sad again because of Jaebeom. Eumm, is Jay said happy birthday to Nickhun?