Bingung, aku bingung. Tadi tu semacam tiba-tiba galau gimanaaa gitu(?). Udah enggak sih. Yaah, sekarang tiba-tiba keinget bentar lagi pisah sama anak-anak xfouria 😦 oke nggak sepenuhnya pisah, setidaknya nggak sekelas. Ya mungkin bakal ada yang sekelas, tapi pasti tetep ada yg nggak. Bisa disebut pisah kan ya?-____- But.. like what our @empatxfouria’s admin said,

As we go on
We Remember
All the times we had together
As our life change
Come whatever
We will still be friends forever
“Vitamin C – Friends Forever”

Keep in touch guys :’)

Besok hari terakhir UKK. And do u know? I didn’t study perfectly-____- Masih belajar sih tadi. Tapi entah kenapa gara2 baca blognya Rahma aku jadi pengen posting. Tadi sih sempet kepikir “I want tell about this and that” tapi gara2 makan feel buat posting tentang itu jadi ilang-_____-
Aaaa I understand something but I pretend I don’t understand. Why? Because I don’t know am I understand at all. It’s like, umm I feel like I understand, but in other side I can’t understand it. It makes me confuse *sigh* What should I do?

I don’t know what to do now
Confusion is all over me
“Mocca – Dear Diary” 
AAAAAA I CAN’T DESCRIBE IT IN WORDS!!! I’m driving crazy, huh?-..- LOL 
But I feel so lucky because I have many friends 🙂 Yeah my friends are not perfect, somtimes me(and my friends) think “uh, why he/she did that?” but that’s life. Nothing perfect, right? No matters what happen to, if I’m at school and my friends around me I just feel happy. Maybe because I’m the only child in my family?._. Tell about anything, laughing around, just walking around and talk about this and that. Those’re make me feel better :))
Umm, High school is interesting. I found and do MANYYY NEW THINGS here. I’ve got new experiences, sometimes I laugh if I remember. Haha 😀 I feel better here. I mean for “frienship”. Because they’ve made me enjoy my high school days, thanks guys :* About study.. I think middle school is better *ups* :X

I think that’s all. Mau belajar lagi buat besok, see ya 😀

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