I hate that feeling, the feeling when I’m sad and I don’t even know why. -@dailyteenwords
I don’t know how I feel about anything anymore, my feelings get me so confused. -@dailyteenwords

Those sentences’re the way I feel right now. Okay a bit edit for the 1st sentence. This part: “the feeling when I’m sad or both sad and happy in the same time. Ummm maybe the 2nd sentences closer with my feeling tonight. I don’t know why, how, what, everything.
My friend’s now galau. Maybe she infects me-______-
Today, something revealed. And I (and my friends) just can’t believe it! okay between believe and not.  And it’s like what happened in the past when I’m still in middle shcool. Some problems not revealed yet, but what they found today is a big surprise for us!!! Oh God what’s ur plan? We just found this fact at the end of year =A=

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