Today’s New Year :D

Happy new year guys πŸ˜€

Today’s 010112. yeah, 2012.. and i’m 15,5 years old. kekeke
all’re getting old~.~ and it’s around 1,5 years since i like korea, since i be klover and kpoper. i know many things in 2011. and about korea.. i learn many things ’bout korea, korean languange, culture, hangul, etc.  
And.. I’ll tell ’bout my bias.. my fandom.. umm.. my story ’bout kpop or drama, etc

It’s started when Boys Before Flowers was famous in my country. Oh, no no. Actually at the first i like Jewel in The Palace. But at I don’t really care at all because I still Elemantary School student. I just like the drama.
Around 8th grade(2nd grade of junior high school), when BBF was famous. I like the drama and the soundtracks. Then there’s a drama, You’re Beautiful. As you know, the actors are singer. and Yonghwa and Hongki are member of a band ,right?
Actually at first I like both. CNBlue and FT Island. But my friend became a primadonna. So, I was become primadonna too and found my first bias πŸ˜€
How? At first I just know Hongki. And I just know FT Island, so FT Island just FT Island. I didn’t care with the memeber. But.. I saw a pict of FT Island member. Then, I saw Minhwan, Choi Minhwan. And I just thought like “Ah he’s cute. He’s.. Umm.. I think I like him?” something like that. And, yeah. That’s how I reaaally became primadonna and found my first bias.

But around.. desember or november 2010? My friend (Jonghun bias) like another person.. She said she like Junho(at that time I don’t really care ’bout Junho or 2PM or the members. When I saw Dream Team vs suju and Junho&Nickhun showed their skill I just thought “Ah, Suju is better” because I don’t know them). And in January.. because I watched 2PM – Follow your soul I started like Wooyoung, Jang Wooyoung, be his bias.
And in February me n my friend became hottest, kekeke

But, after we become High School student, she wasn’t a hottest anymore. And me? I’m kpoper.. I like all πŸ™‚
And I think..  now my bias is Minhwan again. I still like him πŸ™‚

Actually I like all. In every grup(GB or BB or band) I think i have someone that I like. not every, but some. okay..

Hehehe, that’s my story. How ’bout you? U can tell your story if you don’t mind :p

Chocolatecakewoo’s out now. See ya! And once again.. happy new year μƒˆν•΄ 볡 많이 λ°›μœΌμ„Έμš” 幸せ新しい年  dan tentunya SELAMAT TAHUN BARUUU XO

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