[VIDEO] 2PM Show (eng sub) [FULL]

2PM Show Ep 1
PS: sorry im late post the last part.im very busy for some days~ maybe until wednesday. aaaa im tired ㅠ_ㅠ
And this is the 2nd episode!! woow \^0^/ it has 7 part.uwoooow
2PM Show Ep 2 
2PM Show Ep 3
2PM Show Ep 4
2PM Show Ep 5
2PM Show Ep 6 [HD]
2PM Show Ep 7 [HD except part 5]

2PM Show Ep 8


2PM Show Ep 9 [HD]


2PM Show Ep 10 [HD]


2PM Show Ep 11


2PM Show Ep 12 (FINAL)


cr: Bbiyak25 @ YT, Kai2dayeo2pm @ YT, iamhotwalkerz @ YT, 2pmfaithful @ YT, 2junnie @YT, Kai2dayeo2pm1 @ YT
PS: The other parts (unlinked) or other eps are in process. just wait and i’ll update it^^ 
and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Dday110 for updates^^ .thanks all~

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