My Pets

HI all? 😀
How’s ur day?i hope today’s ur happy day^^
I just wanna… tell my story #eaaa

I have 3 cocks and a hen. ummm those’re not mine, but my parent’s :p
A few days ago their chicks were born XD

For first time we thought there are just 5 chicks. but my mom saw another one. so we have 6 chicks now 😀 they’re cuuuute x3 and they make me remember with ppiyak, wooyoung’s chick. kkkk. am i should give them name?help me help me tu give them name 😀
Ummm, how’s him? I wondering is wooyoung treat him well?

And now, i have a couple of hamster!! XD

They are ppi and ppa. ppi is the female and ppa is the male. i don’t know why i give them name like that. are those name sound weird?just tell me the other name if u have any idea ‘.^

how’s my pet?do u like the?which one u like most?kkk

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