[Preview] 2PM Show Ep 2

They’re cooking! Will they become a chef?khkhkh.
i couldn’t find the video so i just share the link. so sorry 😦
but enjoy it^^

1. 2pm show preview 
2. [Preview] 2pm Show  

2pm show preview (With Moon Brothers) *they’re cute~~~ :3

cr: youtube.com

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6 Lastest Real 2PM

I think from now i’ll post new vid that posted by Real 2PM. And for beginning, i wanna post 6 lastest real 2PM 😀
[Real 2PM] Jun Su’s unrevealed scenes from Immortal Masterpiece
[Real 2PM] Signing Event for Hottest
[Real 2PM] Hands Up M/V making video in Singapore part 2
[Real 2PM] The first broadcast episode
[Real 2PM] Hands Up M/V making video in Singapore
[Real 2PM] M/V making video(Woo Young’s Birthday)
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[PICS] 7a

Yang ini pas percobaan ngejernihin air. Tapi karena kelompokku pake sabut kelapa kuning deh airnya. Tapi kata guruku berhasil kok 😀

Ini foto yang lainnya. di ambil pas english speaking sama KIR

Kalo yang ini pas… apa ya?macem-macem. lupa ._.

ini pas lagi praktikum bikin termometer

Yang ini ngerjain tugas kelompok pas pulang sekolah

Sekian foto pas 7a 😀

Wooyoung with his chick :D

Wooyoung has chick 😀 his name is Ppiyak but woo called him peep. cute, right? :3
am i late for post this? aku nggak ngenet si akhir-akhir ini. mana baru tau kalo woo tu ganti twitter. haduh bodohnya saya ㅠ_ㅠ (info: wooyoung’s new twitter =>@0430yes)

Anyway, did u know why woo made new twitter? if u didn’t i’ll tell you then. HE FORGOT HIS PASSWORD. haha,lol. And that’s why he never update his twitter.