Jus For Fun (Try it, It’s Fun^^)


1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button (ONLY ONCE!!!) to get your answer.
3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS – even if it is incredibly embarrassing.
4. Tag 15 friends who might enjoy doing the same as well as the person you got the note from.

Dan ini dia…

1. if someone says ‘is this okay’ you say
When I Am Asking About Your Well-Being – FT Island(?)

2.what would best describe your personality?

Promise – Lee HongKi ft. Yonghwa(?)

3.what do u look for in a girl/guy?

everything is possible – FT island(?)

4.how do u feel today?

dont stop cant stop – 2PM(uwo?)

5.what is ur life purpose?

first kiss – FT Island(ngaco ah–)

6.what is ur motto?

Because I Don’t Know How to Love – FT Island(hah?)

7.what ur bestfriend think of u?

cant let you go even if i die – 2AM(uwooo :O)

8.what do u think about very often?

one more time – Treebycicles(ngek?–)

9.what is 2+2?

Extreme – Lee MinHo(hah?o.O)

10.what do u think about ur bestfriend?

thing called happiness – Kim HyunJoong(uwoooo :O)

11.what do u think of the person u like?

We’re Now Strangers – Lee HongKi(what?o.o)

12.what is ur life story?

missing u – FT Island(nugu?O.O)

13.what do u want to be when u grow up?

life like a musical – FT Island(ha?0.0)

14.what do u think when u see the person u like?

dance2night – 2PM(uwoooo :O)

15.what do ur parents think about u?

Baraem/the prayer – FT Island(hah?aku rajin ya?haha)

16.what will u dance to at ur wedding?

tv radio – FT Island(heh?–)

17.what will they play at ur funeral?

algoittnayo/algoinnayo – OST BBF(apa si artinya?–)

18.what is ur hobby/interest?

a song for u – FT Island(loh?)

19.what do u think of ur friends?

sad promise – FT Island(uwooooo tidak tidak!jahat ah!)

20.what’s the worst thing that could happen?

ring ding dong – Shinee(loh?–)

21.how will u die?

love u – OST BBF(wa?i’ll die because i love u?nugu? o.O)

22.what’s the one thing u regret?

one word – FT island(apa ya one word nya?0.0)

23.what makes u laugh?

haengbokhamnida/i’m happy – FT Island(haha,pas banget^^)

24.what makes u cry?

so today – FT Island(loh?)

25.will u ever get married?

heartbeat – 2PM(mwo?sangat nggak nyambung–)

26.what scares u the most?

let’s not…. – Super Junior (jangan katakan let’s not… padaku(?))

27.does anyone like u?

10 Points out of 10 Points – 2PM(YAAMPUN O.O)

28.if u could go back in time, what would u change?

Send Away – FT Island(hah?aneh–)

29.what hurts right now?

soyogi/wind – FT Island(angin?dingin?o.O)

30.what will u post this as?

always be mine – FT Island(weseh,haha)

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